Useful advice

Be at your best for your wedding

To find the right wedding gown and accessories is a very exciting but complex experience. It's easy to imagine yourself in one of those magazine wedding gowns but remember a gown that fits them will not necessarely look good on you. You have to consider the shape of your body, your height and complexion etc. The better way to find the ideal dress for yourself is to try differents styles and colors.

Ask one or two people to help you out when you go shopping. gowns that you can afford. Then decide if you want to buy or rent your wedding gown. Find a delicate balance between your dream and your budget. Most important of all choose a dress that enhance your natural beauty. Stay close to your personality so people still recognizes you on your wedding day.

Remember the importance of successfully matching your dreamed wedding gown to the accessories that will give a classy finish to the ensemble.


Here's a list of the most important accessories that you will need.

The Veil
First complement to the bridal gown. Match it to the gown style and trimmings.

The Tiara
Gives you the princess look. Match it with the veil, hairstyle, makeup and jewels.

Makes the balance between your gown and your head. To choose accordingly with the gown and the trimmings.

The Bustier
We don't see it but it is one of the most important element of the ensemble that will give you a great silhouette but find one who is really comfortable.

The Shoes
Buy them long time before your wedding. Wear them with plastic covers for a while. They will be perfectly adapted to your feet on your wedding day.

The Garter
The really "traditional" item.

The Bouquet
Essential emotional and decorative element. Match it with the gown and the official colors of your wedding.

Hairstyle and Make Up
Shop for your make up and hairstyle in advance so you are able to experiment different styles. Don't change your look completely because you could be deceived by the result.

Simply stay yourself and keep the balance between your dream and your personality.

A dress that is mine...
As beautiful as my dream...
That i will keep...
So that one day it can be recycled...