Rent or purchase

Bridal Dress Rental

A bridal gown rental includes the gown, a crinoline, a veil and a head piece and goes between $350 and $750 in average.

80% of our gowns are available for rental (around 500). Gowns, made with mousseline, tulle or chiffon, are not available for rental.

When you rent your wedding gown you generally save around $500 and participate in the environment preservation.

The process is simple. One month before your wedding you come back for a fitting. The alterations costs are not included in the rental price. Then, 2 days before the wedding you come back for the final fitting. You try on the gown and all the accessories to be sure that everything is perfect. On the following Monday you can bring it all back yourself or ask a relative or a friend to do so.

We strongly suggest that you take our insurance plan which covers the gown and the accessories. It covers minor tears at the gown hemline, cigarette burns and what is considered a normal use of the gown and accessories. That way you'll have your piece of mind on your wedding day.

We recommend that you come at the store at least 3 to 8 months in advance to choose your wedding gown. That way you get more choices (only gowns that are in store are for rental) and if ever you absolutely want a gown that is not in store we need 3 to 6 months to get it.

There are many advantages to rent your wedding gown... If you need more information come see us, we will be happy to answer all your questions.

Purchase a Wedding Dress

At Oui, je le voeux... you can buy a brand new gown that we will especially order for you. The best thing about it is that we can order a gown that will be the closest to your size so you will need fewer alterations done to the gown.

Remember that you have to consider the order delays that can go from 3 and 6 months to get a gown from the maker. When the gown is in store you make an appointment for the needed alterations.

That way you can decide to get your dress way in advance and be assured that everything is perfect and ready for the big day. Also at Oui, je le voeux... it is possible to get a recycled gown for 30% less than a brand new one and be able to leave immediately with it.

Please remember that accessories and alterations are not included in the gown's price.

A dress that is mine...
As beautiful as my dream...
That i will keep...
So that one day it can be recycled...